NEW! Ovinpiades for young sheep farmers

The French Ovinpiades des Jeunes Bergers is an enormously popular competition for young sheep farmers. Every year, it brings about 700 French students from 100 different schools together at the agricultural fair SIA in Paris. Since 2018, it's also possible for students from other European countries to compete. That's why Brussels Livestock Show is very proud to announce we will be hosting the third regional final in our country. The two Belgian sheep farmers that are able to eliminate all their fellow competitors in Brussels, receive a ticket for the finals in Paris. 

Who can compete?

Up until 2018, only French students were allowed to enter the Ovinpiades. However, now it's also possible for students from other European countries to earn a spot in the finals by competing in regional qualifiers.

All competitors must:

  • study at a Belgian school;
  • follow an agricultural or animal-related course;
  • be 16 and 24 years of age on the date of the finals in Paris.

The two best competitors in Brussels can attend the finals at the Salon International de l'Agriculture (SIA) in Paris. They have to be accompanied by an adult (sheep farmer or teacher). The finalists as well as their mentors should speak French or English. The mentor will be asked to judge at least one of the tests during the finals. 

Theoretical and practical tests

The Ovinpiades test the abilities of young adults in a variety of subdisciplines of sheep farming. They have to succeed in practical as well as theoretical tests. 

For example:

  • a quiz about the European sheep industry, feed for sheeps, breeding, selection, health,...
  • recognizing 10 different sheep breeds
  • identifying sheep with the help of electronic earmarkers
  • health evaluations
  • hoof care
  • ...

On the website of the Ovinpiades Des Jeunes Bergers, you can find an overview of the tests, all regulations and some guides to help you prepare. 

Sheep farming in the picture

In France, the Ovinpiades were launched to promote sheep farming amongst students at agricultural schools. After all, the average age of French sheep farmers skyrockets every year and few young people choose to take up this wonderful profession.

The competition also poses some other pedagogical benefits:

  • Students test and enrich their knowledge about the sheep industry.
  • They practice their techniques and learn how to carry out important procedures.
  • Health- and safety regulations are brought to the attention.
  • ...

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