We Love Local

Will you be joining us at Brussels Livestock Show this year? Then you will also get to visit our indoor farmers market called #WeLoveLocal. We created #WeLoveLocal to promote buying agricultural products directly from farmers. After all, buying and selling food locally is good for consumers ánd farmers.

We do love local!
Need potatoes? Looking for a nice piece of meat? Then pay a visit to the farmer around the corner. This way, you can be assured of the freshness of your food and you get to see how and where it was produced. Moreover the farmer will receive a fair price for the beautiful product he is selling you.

Local food in Brussels
You might not expect this, but a big city like Brussels is the ideal place to start buying and selling locally. Just visit #WeLoveLocal and we will prove it to you.
More than 1 million people live within walking or biking distance of Brussels Expo. A lot of them are in search of local, tasty and quality food. So this is what we will provide them with! At #WeLoveLocal, agricultural companies from around Brussels can introduce and sell their products to the 100.000 visitors of Agribex and Brussels Livestock Show. We even hope to welcome some local guests visiting the event especially to come take a look at the #WeLoveLocal farmers market.

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