Tickets for Brussels Livestock Show are available on the website of Agribex

The next edition of Agribex takes place from the 7th untill the 12th of December 2021, from 10 AM untill 6 PM. On the 7th of December, different entrance prices will apply because of the Professional Day. 

Prices of the edition of 2019

  • Professional Day (03/12/2019)
    • Online: 45,00 euro
      • including parkingspace, use of cloakroom, welcome coffee and free lunch
    • Box office: 50,00 euro
      • Including parkingspace, use of cloakroom, welcome coffee and free lunch
  • Other days
    • Combination ticket online: 55,00 euro (every day, including the professional day)
    • Combination ticket at the box office: not available
    • Day ticket online: 15,00 euro 
    • Day ticket at the box office: 17,00 euro
    • Reduced tarif tickets online: 12,00 euro
    • Reduced tarif tickets at the box office: not available


  • Combination and discount tickets kan only be validated ONLINE! (incl. free invitation ticket, discount ticket, invitation for the professional day, multi-day pass).
  • In case the registration process is interupted, the ticket codes will be blocked for two hours to prevent improper use. After two hours, you can try to registrate your tickets again. 
  • Children untill the age of 12 do not need a ticket. 
  • Dogs are not allowed. 

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