A little history

From the start of the Brussels Agriculture Exhibition (now AGRIBEX) in 1909, the livestock exposition and the breeding competitions were attracting a lot of visitors. That is why, fifthy years later, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture decided livestock should receive a more prominent place at the trade fair. For that purpose, the association ‘Vereniging voor de Inrichting van de Algemene Veeprijskampen' was set up under the impulse and supervision of the ministry. Up to this day, the then founded assosiation, unites the official Belgian breeding associations and organises all livestock events at Agribex.



In the year 2015, the operational name for the association 'Algemene Veeprijskampen’ became Brussels Livestock Show. That year also marked the first edition of the Farm Web Awards, one of many projects the assosiation initiated. Previous initiatives include the Brussels Holstein Showmanship Competition (2015) and the European Livestock Forum (2015, 2013).

In 2017, the livestock division of Agribex and the livestock supply industry present at the fair, were brought together under the Brussels Livestock Show.

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